Summer Shearing with the Crew!

If you read our newsletter, you saw my niece Amanda’s article on the shearing of our Christmas trees. While Amanda got the technical information down, it’s really the pictures that say it all.

A shearing crew’s necessities kit.  Hat, clippers, knife, sunscreen, water and of course a snack!  The duct tape is used to help prevent blisters, well it is supposed to anyway.

Cousin Brendan is very careful with our smallest trees.  Each tree must be sheared yearly.  As you can see this one is a long way from decorating someones’ home.  And yes, we make all family member work on the farm!  Just kidding!

In this picture Amanda and Tammy are isolating a single branch at the top of a tree so that you can have a straight tree topper.  These trees will be ready to be cut soon, so Tommy gives them a lift.  Oh yeah our girls rock!

Break time!  Our crew generally work from 8 am until noon.  It is hard work, especially during this record-breaking heat and humidity, so a half a day is about right.  Most of our crew members go on to another job in the afternoon.  We have some of the hardest workers I know on the farm.

Our Crew!  It was the end of the day on Friday when I took this picture, so nobody was particularly happy with my timing.  Just wanted to give them all a big kudos!  It takes a lot of work to grow a Christmas tree, and they make our trees look great!

See you all soon!



One response to “Summer Shearing with the Crew!

  1. Suzanne, You have done a fabulous job on your website. This represents hours and dedication to the task at hand. Well done, my friend. Susan Hurd

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