KHAN…the destroyer?

In my last blog post, I posted a picture of a broken window that my serval cat Khan destroyed.  Still really a baby and playing a bit rough, he doesn’t realize how big he is.  I don’t think he has quite grown into his size yet, Khan can be all legs and gangly at times.  And grown he has, I mentioned to someone the other day he is already bigger than I though he would be, and servals will grow until they are about two years old….So I might be in trouble.

He really is just a sweat boy, and last week when a student stopped by the house to take pictures of Khan for a photo assignement, he was a good boy, posing and being on his best behavior.

Here are just a few photos of Khan and what he does all day, at least what he does when I have company.  I suppose I am like the mom whose children are angels for everyone else, but keep their own mother on her toes.  Anyway let me know what you think of my boy!

I really am just a very sweet cat!

What broken window?

It's hard being me...

Yawnnnn....You're still taking pictures?

Next yogo position, spinx pose.

Khan’s new favorite photographer also snapped a few shots of John and Deere, who don’t look quite as pleased to be photographed.

What do you want?

Are you done yet?

Yep, we are!



2 responses to “KHAN…the destroyer?

  1. Becky Castellano

    Suzanne & Wes, He is beautiful! I can remember when you got your first Cat, Wes brought him to work (Sentry) to show everyone. Wes let me hold him. We did not see him for awhile then Wes brought him again. I could not believe how fast he grew! We love seeing your posts here on Facebook!


  2. Thanks Becky, he is a good boy! We are full swing into pine cone season and being pulled in lots of directions. Hope to see you at the farm this coming season, stop out and say hi.

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