Suzanne and Larry have spent the past few days preparing and planting the pumpkin field.  Yup, it is that time of spring!  This year they got a lot of unexpected help.  Our farm dog Zoe made sure that every seed was properly planted so that we have the best pumpkins for you and your family come fall.

Suzanne and Larry prepped and planted the pumpkin fields this week.

Suzanne drops each seed into the chute. It was a hot day, good thing she wears sunscreen!

Look who decided to help! Zoe checked to make sure Suzanne was doing a good job!

All morning long Zoe walked besides the tractor, stopping occasionally for water and a treat!

Zoe was a hot dog!

Larry and Zoe checking to make sure the pumpkin seeds are at the correct depth. Zoe is such a good helper!

After lunch, Zoe stayed home to nap and rest up. Dunc Shillinger and Glenda Melville sat in the shade to watch the activity in the pumpkin field.

Hi Neighbors!

The pumpkins are planted, see you in a few months!  When you come out to the farm make sure you say, “THANKS ZOE!”



  1. Corrie Lagerweij

    Hello there!
    Is it possible that these Dunc and Glenda are relatives of the family Deleeuw? I am Corrie Lagerweij and my mother was Hendrieka de Leeuw (The Netherlands). Her brother (Anthony) went to the US long time ago and he got a daughter Femia (mother and wife?) and a son John. If that is all related to you I want to contact you. Please, please.
    My e-mail is

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