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Suzanne and Larry have spent the past few days preparing and planting the pumpkin field.  Yup, it is that time of spring!  This year they got a lot of unexpected help.  Our farm dog Zoe made sure that every seed was properly planted so that we have the best pumpkins for you and your family come fall.

Suzanne and Larry prepped and planted the pumpkin fields this week.

Suzanne drops each seed into the chute. It was a hot day, good thing she wears sunscreen!

Look who decided to help! Zoe checked to make sure Suzanne was doing a good job!

All morning long Zoe walked besides the tractor, stopping occasionally for water and a treat!

Zoe was a hot dog!

Larry and Zoe checking to make sure the pumpkin seeds are at the correct depth. Zoe is such a good helper!

After lunch, Zoe stayed home to nap and rest up. Dunc Shillinger and Glenda Melville sat in the shade to watch the activity in the pumpkin field.

Hi Neighbors!

The pumpkins are planted, see you in a few months!  When you come out to the farm make sure you say, “THANKS ZOE!”


How Cool Is That!

We asked some of you in a survey this spring to choose a new attraction for this fall and the 18 foot spiral slide won by a big margin. So… it finally showed up this week. When starting to putting the slide together, the phrase, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat…” comes to mind, but in our case it was a taller fork lift. In short, it’s a bigger project installing it on site, or at least its taking longer than I anticipated.  So I will call this a photo blog….

Dad is using the loader to move the just delivered slide, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There are so many pallets!

Here I am with Glenda Melville, studying our newly delivered slide. How are we going to get these 400 plus pound segments up 18 feet???

This is a rare occasion when Bob Melville isn’t behind the camera!  We needed his engineering skills for this project.  This is the first section of the slide being attached to the structure. Thank goodness for the loan of the straw stacker attachment on the grain farms fork lift – this was essential for construction.

Just getting the first section up was a chore.  This took a whole afternoon. Here Dad (Larry) and I survey how much is left to do.

Anybody stopping by the see the new project was fair game to recruit for help.They gave us a really big boost when we were getting tired.

At this point, I am asking why this slide if fighting us every step of the way.  That, and how soon lunch is.

Here Ben is making sure the center support is properly attached.  I am supervising or maybe napping.

End of day three, we are about half way there!

Day four, school is out and niece Hannah has joined in on the fun.

Hannah securing yet another section…How many were there again?

At this point I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Hannah lowers herself down into the slide to secure all the fasteners properly.

Here I am securing the final section!  Yea!

A quick test for safety and fun!

Introducing our new Auger Spiral Slide…

I approve!  Day 5, and despite some frustration I have to look at what I did (with lots of help) and say “How Cool Is That”!

Can’t wait  to see all the fun everyone is going to have at Harvest Fest.

4th Annual American Lung Association Fund Raiser at Stokoe Farms

Billy Goat Mountain Slide

A very BIG thank you to the over 900 people who came out to Stokoe Farms to support the American Lung Association’s Fall Family Day! It was a beautiful sunny day filled with lots of fun and good food. Thank you to Zwiegle’s, Caledonia Market Place, Frito Lay, Pepsi Bottling Group, and Upstate Niagara for their in-kind donations of food and drinks. Also thank you to our sponsors: Five Star Bank, LeRoy Motors, Paetec, and for their generosity in sponsoring this year’s event. All proceeds from the event will support the Lung Association’s mission to prevent lung disease and promote lung health in the Rochester community.

Farm Animals Invade the Pumpkin Patch at Stokoe Farms

Ora Mae, Helga, Hermione,Gilligan,Patches, Noah, Jake and Hank await your arrival at the Farm. Please come, we are lonely without you!!! Watch for us walking around the Farm or visit us at the Lower Forty Goat Walk.

Suzanne goes to marketing conference